The ideal of our cuisine is simplicity. Due to development and the intention to break through boundaries, ways of cooking have changed a lot over the years.

In general, the way our parents and grandparents used to cook does not match the way of thinking and doing of today’s world. The flavors have changed, and cooking is no longer perceived as a slow-paced art involving patience and calmness.


A place where sharing a good meal in good company is always true, all else is relative.

Regardless of general way of thinking, Els Pescadors is loyal to the ways of cooking that are part of the growth of the restaurant, which was conceived as place to have a break from the hustle and bustle of Barcelona, our beloved city.


Our starting point is a modest way of cooking inspired by the dishes of fish towns that were prepared with what the land and the see offered. We are fascinated by the products of our region; we specially love those that are unpretentious, clean and from the closest sources.

We do a lot of research to find extraordinary products produced in close proximity to the restaurant.

Having astounding products is non-negotiable.

The Catalan writer Josep Pla used to say that cooking should highlight the wildness of the ingredients and unify them, and never hide their characteristic essence or flavor. We strongly think the same way; as we do not want to belittle the products by masking their flavors, but make them prominent by finding perfect combinations.



One of the obsessions of Els Pescadors is finding and using quality products which are from the closest possible source: our providers have been one the cornerstones of the restaurant during its more than 30 years of history. They are like a part of a family in which we trust: we have been working with some of them for many years.

That is why we could not leave them of our digital home.

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