The spaces at Els Pescadors

Els Pescadors Barcelona

Old dining room

The old dining room is the essence of our house. A marble bar of various colors presides over it. The first space we opened to the public and the one we fell in love with when we saw it. With a capacity of up to 45 people and a spectacular welcoming atmosphere.

The terrace

In a semi-hidden square in the middle of Poblenou you will find our terrace. A quiet outdoor space that seems to transport us to a Mediterranean village. The terrace can accommodate up to 93 people.

Little dining room

The dining room is small but no less important.
It is located two steps below the level of Prim square. This change of perspective gives us a sense of intimacy and recollection that makes this dining room a special space.
A quiet atmosphere for groups of up to 30 people.

Large dining room

The large dining room faces the back of our building, facing the narrow streets of the neighborhood. In 1989 we expanded and renovated the restaurant to occupy the entire ground floor of our building. It is the largest space in our house, where you can enjoy a good meal with natural light. Its versatility allows us to make large tables for families on weekends or serve groups of more than 60 diners.