Fish and rices since 1980

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Download the menu of the day to know which products have we received today and how you can taste them.


Take your time to eat at Els Pescadors and immerse yourself in our way of cooking.

Salted cod fritters with Iceland cod

Aubergine fritters stuffed with cheese and anchovies from El Cantábrico

Shavings of cured meat, manchego cheese of raw sheep's milk & peanuts cream

Duck foie gras from l'Empordà, Coll Verd, in salt crust with truffle and tarragon

Salt cod tripe with head and trotters & fresh spinachs

Iberian 100% acorn ham. Julián Martín


Dishes elaborated with local, organic products in line with the time of the year.

Seasonal organic & local vegetables on the barbecue

Orchard lettuce salad with organic tomatoe & onion tartar

Tomatoes from Maresme with onions and tunny

Curry, a piquant touch, with organic vegetables, roast octopus & sesame cracker

Country style ``gazpacho``, organic

'``Salmorejo`` (cold tomato, garlic & olive oil cream) from Córdoba with ham


Fishmongers Esteve Montia from Poblenou and his son Sergi provide us with the best products from Platgeta (Barceloneta), Arenys and Vilanova fish markets.

Fish soup with rice & monk-fish cubes, cooked on the spot

Octopus roasted in the oven with potatoes, paprika & organic mango chutney

Oyster from Galicia

Mussels with purple onions and white wine

``Fine`` clams from Galicia with Manzanilla Solear with a touch of garlic & parsley

Small cuttlefish from Sant Carles ``brutesque`` style, sauteed in her own ink

Rice ``casserole made``

A classic of Catalan cuisine that became the specialty of the house. We offer different combinations of flavors so that everybody finds their favorite.

Rice with ``Ral`` pork cutlet and ``manteca colorá``

Creamy rice with perfectly salted cod and Piquillo peppers from Lodosa

Green rice with perfectly salted cod jowls

Fisherman's rice

Rice with small cuttlefish from Sant Carles de la Ràpita ``brutesque`` style

Creamy rice with red shrimp and smoked cheese

Rice ``caldós`` (in broth) with one local lobster

Salt cod from Iceland

Salt cod fried with garlic, ``piquillo`` peppers from Lodosa & paprika from ``La Vera``

``Suquet`` of salt cod (stew) with potatoes, ``piparras`` & mint touch

at low temperature...

Salt cod with garlic mousseline ``Josep Mercader``

Salt cod with smoked cheese cream with yogurt tile

Fish (wild & local)

Fishmongers Esteve Montia from Poblenou and Oscar “el Baleta” from Barceloneta provide us with the best products from Platgeta, Arenys and Vilanova fish markets.

Monk-fish from Marín in Serrallo style, flambé with almonds & ham

Monk-fish fricandeau with local mushrooms

Turbot with tomatoes & oregano

Els Pescadors ``suquet`` (fish stew) with potatoes

… at oven, salt crusted or grilled (for two or more persons)

Seabass from Sant Carles

Gilt-head from Arenys


Suckling goat with rosemary, baked potatoes & a touch of honey

Duck confit from El Lluçanès with cranberries sauce & figs

Braised ``Ral`` pork ribs with roasted potatoes & ``piquillos`` peppers

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